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Beginning Tuesday, December 3, users who have enabled Two-Step Login will be required to use Two-Step Login to sign into MyUI

One-Click Course Combinations allow students to register for two or more courses together. There are a variety of One-Click Course Combinations described below. The following restrictions apply:

  • Most options are only available to first-year students registering during their orientation program
  • A student may register only for ONE of the One-Click Course Combinations
  • There may be restrictions (for example, only for Honors students or direct admits to a college
  • Students must remain registered for all courses in a combination -- you may not register for a combination of three courses and then drop one course or switch sections of a course

For new 1st year and transfer students who are required to take all four or five ESL Courses. ESL Academic Oral Skills (ESL:4100), ESL Academic Listening (ESL:4130), ESL Grammar (ESL:4160), ESL Academic Writing (ESL:4190) and ESL Academic Reading (ESL:4200)
This combination includes JMC:2010 Journalistic Reporting and Writing and JMC:2020 Multimedia Storytelling. It is restricted to continuing journalism majors who have already completed JMC:1100 and JMC:1200.