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General Education Literature

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Director Richard B. Landon
Location 308 EPB (English Philosophy Building)
Phone 319-335-0454
General Catalog


ENGL:1200 (08G:001) or its equivalent by exam or transfer is a prerequisite for the other general education literature courses, ENGL:1320 through ENGL:1355, and therefore must be taken first.

The pass/nonpass option is available only for students in nursing and engineering (with the consent of the student's advisor and the instructor).

Successful completion of the rhetoric requirement is a prerequisite for all general education literature courses.

General education literature courses cannot be used for credit towards the English major or minor.

If you have taken ENGL:1320, you cannot take ENGL:1325 and visa versa.

If you have taken 08G:004 Epic and Tragic Literature, you cannot take ENGL:1320 Heroes and Villains.

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