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Course Bundles allow students to register for two or more courses together. There are a variety of Course Bundles described below. The following restrictions apply:

  • Most options are only available to first-year students registering during their orientation program
  • A student may register only for ONE of the Course Bundles
  • There may be restrictions (for example, only for Honors students or direct admits to a college
  • Students must remain registered for all courses in a combination -- you may not register for a combination of three courses and then drop one course or switch sections of a course

College Transition
College Transition shares a common General Education course, a College Transition Seminar course focusing on college study and success skills, and a College Transition Workshop among approximately 20 students. Students apply these new study skills to their preparation for the shared General Education course - with the help of an undergraduate Study Group Leader who previously earned an A in the course.
Courses in Common
Courses in Common gives first-year students the opportunity to take up to three classes together with about 20 other first-year students. Almost all of the courses used in CIC satisfy General Education Program requirements. There are options for students interested in taking Rhetoric, some for students wishing to defer Rhetoric for a semester, for Honors students, for students needing chemistry or math, and for some direct-admission programs.
English/English & Creative Writing Bundles
English and English & Creative Writing Bundles give first year and transfer students the opportunity to feel part of a smaller community by taking four classes in common with the same 18 classmate, totaling 8 semester hours. These courses give you a strong head-start in the major by completing the foundational set of courses as well as an Introduction to the Major course that will allow you to get insider tips from faculty and advisors about the opportunities in the department and literary community. There is one bundle open to English majors and two bundles available for English & Creative Writing majors.
Honors Students
HONR:1100 Honors Primetime is a two-and-a-half-day pre- fall semester workshop experience that is recommended to all first-year honors students. Students enrolled in Honors Primetime must enroll in HONR:1000 Introduction to Honors, an asynchronous, online class that begins the first day of fall semester. Honors Primetime and Introduction to Honors is a fun and engaging way to learn about what it means to be a student in the program and build community with peers, faculty, and staff. Upon successful completion, students receive 1 experiential learning credit for Honors Primetime and 1 s.h. of honors coursework for Introduction to Honors.