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Understanding and evaluating major corporate actions such as mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, spin offs, and debt and equity issuance; introduction to venture capital and leveraged buyouts; includes a substantial experiential learning component and attempts to nudge students away from textbook-based learning towards acquiring practical skills needed to succeed in the corporate finance industry; students will be required to collect and evaluate financial information and be challenged to think beyond the lecture material presented in the classroom.

This course addresses issues that are relevant to financial management, such as financial analysis and planning, valuation, capital structure, risk management, payout policy, financial distress and bankruptcy, restructuring, and the market for corporate control.  Some of these topics have been introduced in other classes, but this course will go further by examining both recent research and cases from the corporate arena.  Other topics such as bankruptcy, are likely to be new to this class, and are intended to broaden our application and understanding of finance theory. This course counts towards the Tippie RISE graduation requirement and the honors experiential learning requirement (for students who are members of Honors).  These designations will be recorded on the appropriate degree audits as needed.



Prerequisites: FIN:3100 and FIN:3300