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Foundation for leadership and team building; concepts applied in team-building activities and class discussion, including demonstration of basic verbal and written communication; featured topics include listening, followership, and problem solving efficiently.

A course designed to examine general aspects of air and space power through a historical perspective. Utilizing this perspective, the course covers a time period from the first balloons and dirigibles to the space-age global positioning systems of the Persian Gulf War. Historical examples are provided to extrapolate the development of Air Force capabilities (competencies), and missions (functions) to demonstrate the evolution of what has become today’s USAF air and space power. Furthermore, the course examines several fundamental truths associated with war in the third dimension: e.g. Principles of War and Tenets of Air and Space Power. As a whole, this course provides the students with a knowledge level understanding for the general element and employment of air and space power, from an institutional doctrinal and historical perspective. In addition, the students will continue to discuss the importance of the Air Force Core Values with the use of operational examples and historical Air Force leaders and will continue to develop their communication skills.

AERO:2100, fall semester, covers air power from Civil War hot air balloons through World War II, with emphasis on developments in U.S. Air Force.