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Introduction to the national security process, regional studies, advanced leadership ethics, and Air Force doctrine; focus specifically on current Air Force organization, leadership, and practical knowledge needed for a student's future as an Air Force officer; students improve oral and written communication skills and delve into military professionalism and ethics. This course is a study of the military's role in American national security. It includes an examination of the needs for national security, analysis of the evolution and formulation of American defense policy and strategy, and study of the methods for managing conflict. Evolution of American national security from World War I is developed and the roles of the President, Congress, and government bureaucracies in formulating and executing national security policy are reviewed. The goal is to introduce students to popular theories of international relations and to provide appraisal of the various strengths and weaknesses. All books are provided. Grading is based on exams, speeches, and writing assignments. Course format is lecture, taught by faculty with the assistance of guest lecturers.

junior or higher standing