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Continuation of ASTR:1771; quantitative introduction to stellar, Galactic, and extragalactic astronomy; topics include the Sun, stellar evolution, stellar corpses such as neutron stars and black holes, the Milky Way galaxy, the interstellar medium, galaxies, cosmology, and fate of the universe.

This course builds on the astronomical knowledge base acquired in the first semester. Topics include the observed properties of stars, the interstellar medium, the formation and evolution of stars and stellar remnants such as neutron stars and black holes, properties of galaxies and galaxy clusters, and an introduction to cosmology and the history of the universe. 

Both lectures and laboratory session emphasize active, team-based learning and problem-solving techniques. In the associated lab sections, students will learn python programming for astronomical data analysis and work with images taken from the Iowa Robotic Observatory and other research-grade telescopes.


four years of high school math

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