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Calculus II 4 s.h.

Techniques of integration including by-parts, trigonometric Integrals, trigonometric substitutions, partial fractions, improper integrals; applications (i.e., arclength), area surfaces of revolutions, application to physics; introduction to differential equations; parametric equations and polar coordinates; infinite sequences and series, convergence tests, power series, Taylor polynomials and series.

This is a continuation of MATH:1850. This is course is intended to teach one-variable calculus beyond Calculus I to prepare math, physics, statistics, computers science, chemistry and other STEM majors for more advanced courses in math. The course is taught in either of two formats. In one format, students meet in sections of 60, three times per week with a faculty member, and two times a week for discussions with a TA in sections of 20 students. The second format has four meetings per week in a class of about 30, with one instructor (faculty or experienced TA). With either format, Math Lab tutoring is offered for additional help.

Prerequisites: MATH:1550 with a minimum grade of C- or MATH:1850 with a minimum grade of C- or MPT Level 3 score of 15 or higher