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Physics I 4 s.h.

Introduction to physics; calculus-based treatment of Newtonian mechanics for point particles and rigid bodies; conservation laws. Offered fall semesters.

This calculus-based physics course is part of a four-semester sequence intended primarily for physics and astronomy majors and other physical science or engineering majors who seek an in-depth introduction to physics (PHYS:1701, PHYS:1702, PHYS:2703, and PHYS:2704).  Topics include Newtonian mechanics for point particles and rigid bodies and conservation laws. Grades are determined by homework, midterm exams, a final exam, and performance in lab sessions. The three weekly lectures and one-hour discussion (problem solving) are given by the course instructor, and the weekly lab is conducted by a teaching assistant. Taught only during fall semester.


physics or astronomy major

Natural Sciences with Lab