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Physics III 4 s.h.

Continuation of PHYS:1702; introduction to physics; calculus-based treatment of electromagnetic waves and optics; mechanical and sound waves; thermal physics. Offered fall semesters.

This calculus-based course is part of a four-semester sequence intended primarily for physics and astronomy majors and other physical science or engineering majors who seek an in-depth introduction to physics (PHYS:1701, PHYS:1702, PHYS:2703, and PHYS:2704).  This course is a continuation of PHYS: 1702 and topics covered are oscillations and waves, electromagnetic waves, optics and thermal physics. Many of the mathematical tools needed for more advanced courses in physics are introduced. Grades are determined by homework, midterm exams, a final exam, and performance in lab sessions. The three weekly lectures are given by the course instructor, and the weekly lab is conducted by a teaching assistant.  Taught only during fall semester.

Prerequisites: PHYS:1702