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Communication Studies

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Chair Kembrew McLeod
Location 105 BCSB (Becker Communication Studies Building)
Phone 319-335-0575
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One course found.
Course # Title Hours Notes Enrollments
COMM:4183:0001 Course Title is
Networking America: History of Broadcast
Prerequisites: (2 of the following are required: (COMM:1112 or COMM:1170), (COMM:1117 or COMM:1130), (COMM:1168 or COMM:1174)) and (2 of the following are required: COMM:1305, COMM:1306, COMM:1816, COMM:1818, COMM:1819, COMM:1830, COMM:1840, COMM:1845, COMM:1898, COMM:2010, COMM:2011, COMM:2015, COMM:2020, COMM:2030, COMM:2040, COMM:2041, COMM:2042, COMM:2044, COMM:2045, COMM:2048, COMM:2050, COMM:2054, COMM:2057, COMM:2060, COMM:2064, COMM:2065, COMM:2069, COMM:2070, COMM:2072, COMM:2075, COMM:2076, COMM:2077, COMM:2078, COMM:2079, COMM:2080, COMM:2083, COMM:2085, COMM:2086, COMM:2088, COMM:2089, COMM:2090, COMM:2091, COMM:2248, COMM:2800, COMM:2813, COMM:2821, COMM:2828, COMM:2897, COMM:2899)
Start and end times: 12:30P - 1:45P TTh 201 BCSB
Instructors: Joy Hayes (Primary Instructor)
3 s.h.
Restricted to undergraduate majors.
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Students may register for only ONE capstone course each semester (i.e., COMM courses numbered between 3000 and 4999). Class lists will be checked daily for compliance. Students registered for more than one capstone course will be administratively dropped from the highest numbered class(es).
14 of 15 enrolled
One course found.