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Your search criteria narrowed your results to Health and Physical Activity Skills. Below is some additional contact information which may be useful.

Health and Physical Activity Skills

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Coordinator Andrea Short
Location S501 FH (Field House)
Phone 319-335-9302
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Health and Physical Activity Skills HPAS is in the process of finalizing course offerings. Course sections will be available before the first day of registration.

Important Information about HPAS Courses

Review the Academic Deadlines to learn deadline dates for first, second, and third sessions of Health and Physical Activity Skills HPAS classes. All changes in registration must indicate both the course number and the section number(s).

Students must attend the first week of class. Students who do not attend will fail and should drop the course. Students WILL NOT be dropped automatically.

Students must attend the last day of class in order to pass the course.

All classes are offered at the elementary level unless otherwise indicated and are designed for students with little skill or previous instruction in the activities. Students with considerable skill in an elementary activity will not be permitted to remain in that elementary activity class. Such students should immediately either (1) change to a different activity course using a Add Form, or (2) drop that course using a Drop Form. HPAS courses may not be repeated for academic credit.

Sections are divided into three separate sessions, meeting the first 7 weeks of the semester, the second 7 weeks of the semester, or the last 6 weeks of the semester (see MyUI course list for exact dates). Second and third session courses should be added and dropped using MyUI before the course begins.

Students must provide their own transportation to off-central campus sites, such as soccer and softball classes. Information on activity classes may be obtained in the HPAS office, S501 FH.

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Course # Title Hours Notes Enrollments
HPAS:1130:0101 Course Title is
5K Training
Subsession: Off-cycle
Aug 21, 2023 - Oct 4, 2023
Start and end times: 9:30A - 10:45A MW 200 FH
Instructors: Elizabeth Recker (Primary Instructor)
1 s.h.
Delivery Mode:
7 of 20 enrolled
One course found.