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College of Law

Dean Kevin K. Washburn
Location 280 BLB (Boyd Law Building )
Phone 319-335-9034
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As a general rule, students not admitted to the College of Law are not permitted to register for law courses. Exceptions may be made for graduate students in other colleges and in exceptional circumstances for undergraduate students. Contact Associate Dean Carin Crain in the College of Law for further information.

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Course # Title Hours Notes Enrollments
LAW:8670:0001 Course Title is
Labor Law
Subsession: Off-cycle
Jan 18, 2022 - Apr 26, 2022
Start and end times: 3:30P - 4:45P MT 295 BLB
Instructors: Marc Linder (Primary Instructor)
3 s.h.
Restricted to Law, Graduate, and Professional students.
Delivery Mode: Face to face
This course will be held in person in a University Classroom or instructional space.
Registration Information:
In lieu of an exam you must write a 10-page double-spaced paper on a National Labor Relations Act-related topic, which you must submit for my approval.  It is a requirement that all students registered for the course regularly attend class, prepare thoroughly for class, and  participate in class discussion, which is an indispensable intellectual component of our collective and highly interactive learning process.  The first day of class is not only NOT organizational, it is substantive and, in important respects, the most important class of the semester.  Consequently, ATTENDANCE ON THE FIRST DAY IS MANDATORY: IF YOU FAIL TO ATTEND THAT DAY, YOU WILL BE DEREGISTERED, AND IF YOU KNOW AHEAD OF TIME THAT YOU WILL NOT ATTEND, PLEASE DROP THE CLASS.   If you miss more than one class, you must provide a compelling (primarily health-related) reason. The grades of those students whose frequent discussion contributions display a high degree of insight will be adjusted accordingly.  If you know that you will not be participating in class discussion, you will be doing yourself and the whole class a disservice by registering for this Labor Law course.  NOTE WELL!  Unfortunately, some students conclude from the absence of an exam that there is no need to read the assigned readings or prepare for or attend class.  Such a conclusion perversely turns on its head the pedagogic purpose of the examlessness, which is to enable students to read and think without the extraneous pressure of an exam.  In order to encourage you not to draw such a false conclusion, the following procedure will apply:  IF, WHEN CALLED ON, YOU EITHER STATE THAT YOU HAVE NOT READ THE ASSIGNED READINGS OR RESPOND IN SUCH A WAY AS TO LEAVE ME WITH THE CLEAR IMPRESSION THAT YOU HAVE NOT READ THE ASSIGNED READINGS, YOU WILL BE REWARDED WITH A CHALLENGING WRITTEN INTELLECTUAL ASSIGNMENT DUE THE NEXT DAY AND WITH BEING CALLED ON IN THE NEXT CLASS TO DISCUSS THE ASSIGNED READINGS.  IF YOU EITHER FAIL TO SUBMIT THAT ASSIGNMENT OR ARE NOT PREPARED THAT NEXT CLASS, YOUR GRADE FOR THE COURSE WILL BE REDUCED BY 2 WHOLE POINTS (I.E., E.G., FROM 4.0 TO 2.0).  IF YOU GO THROUGH THIS SCENARIO A SECOND TIME, YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE COURSE.  
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One course found.