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Iowa Lakeside Laboratory is a 147-acre field station located on West Okoboji Lake in northwest Iowa. It offers students unique summer educational opportunities. All courses with the departmental course subjectIALL meet at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory: Regents Resource Center, 1838 Highway 86, Milford, IA. See the website below for information on facilities, housing, scholarships, and registration procedures.

You are encouraged to register and secure housing early. Registration in Lakeside Laboratory courses is accepted only by completing the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory Registration and Housing Form. This may be done well before the start of scheduled early registration for summer session. Forms are only processed through the administrative office. To register for a course at Lakeside Laboratory Summer 2019: Lakeside Lab Summer Courses Registration

For further information, contact the University of Iowa Distance and Online Education, 250 Continuing Education Facility, Iowa City, IA 52242-0907; telephone 712-337-3669 ext. 5; e-mail

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Course # Title Hours Notes Enrollments
IALL:3104:0EXW Course Title is
Nature Based Teaching Methods
Arranged Time World Wide Web
Start and end times: 6:30P - 8:00P 09/19/2019 Thu WWW/Plus Meeting
Start and end times: 6:30P - 8:00P 10/17/2019 Thu WWW/Plus Meeting
Start and end times: 6:30P - 8:00P 11/14/2019 Thu WWW/Plus Meeting
Instructors: Joyce Vermeer (Primary Instructor)
3 s.h.
Delivery Mode: Web, Virtual Classroom
Registration Information:
This course is intended for preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, lower elementary school teachers, childcare providers, consultants, administrators who have access to a classroom where course work will be completed in.
DOE Special Program (EX*)
1 of 25 enrolled
One course found.