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Statistics and Actuarial Science

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Chair Kung-Sik Chan
Location 241 SH (Schaeffer Hall)
Phone 319-335-0712
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Course # Title Hours Notes Enrollments
STAT:4143:0EXV Course Title is
Introduction to Statistical Methods
Arranged Time Asynchronous Online
Instructors: Brandon LeBeau (Primary Instructor)
3 s.h.
Delivery Mode:
Registration Information:
Students may receive credit for only one course from each of these pairs: STAT:2010 and STAT:3510, STAT:3510 and STAT:4143/PSQF:4143, and STAT:3120 and STAT:3100.
DOE Distance Course (EX*)
113 of 160 enrolled
STAT:5610:0EXW Course Title is
Regression & ANOVA in Health Sciences
Prerequisites: BIOS:4120
Start and end times: 6:00P - 7:20P TTh Online
Instructors: Andres Dajles (Course Supervisor)
3 s.h.
Delivery Mode:
DOE Public Health (EX*)
0 of 15 enrolled
2 courses found, displaying all courses.