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Creative Writing-Writers' Workshop

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Director Lan S. Chang
Location 102 DH (Dey House )
Phone 319-335-0416
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Course # Title Hours Notes Enrollments
CW:3875:0EXW Course Title is
Advanced Poetry Writing
Prerequisites: CW:2875
Arranged Time World Wide Web
Instructors: none
3 s.h.
Delivery Mode: Web
Registration Information:
The online (0EXW) section of this course is intended for students who are unable to attend on-campus courses. Please contact Distance and Online Education (; 319-335-2852) to override the registration restriction. Include your student ID number and the reason why you are unable to enroll in an on-campus section of the course. If you have already taken CW:2875 Poetry Writing and are eligible to enroll in Advanced Poetry Writing please contact Distance and Online Education via e-mail ( to override the registration restriction. Students who have not completed CW:2875 Poetry Writing will need to submit a 4-6 page writing sample for evaluation before they can register for Advanced Poetry Writing. Please include the following with your sample: clear identification of the sender, e-mail contact information, and the course you want to register for. Please send the writing sample via e-mail to We recommend that you complete the online Registration Pre-Authorization form prior to submitting your writing sample if you are a non-degree or returning student.
DOE Distance Course (EX*)
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One course found.