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What is a Guest Account?

No third party may access MyUI student information except through a guest account.
Students can provide view-only access to the following pages for any guest(s) they trust:

  • Class Schedule
  • Grades
  • Financial Aid
  • Admission Profile
  • Tuition/Fees and University Bill

The student may grant viewing rights to one or more of these five categories and restrict others. It is not possible to restrict access to one item in a category but not the other (for example, give view rights to Tuition/Fees but restrict University Bill).
To create a guest account, the student must do the following:

  1. Log in to MyUI
  2. Click "Student Records" from the main menu and under the "My UIowa" heading click "My Guest Accounts"
  3. Create a unique login and password for each one of your guests (password must meet strength tests: at least 6 characters, minimum 2 letters and 2 numbers)
  4. Select and assign viewing rights you want for your guest--different guests can have different viewing rights
  5. click the button to create the account

The following image shows the screen to set up a new guest account.

How to create guest account

Important Information for Students about Guest Accounts

  • When you have created at least one guest account, MyUI will provide you with a screen to manage your guest accounts when you click "My Guest Accounts"
  • All guest account passwords expire after 180 days and must be updated by the student who created the guest account
  • Guest accounts can be updated at any time if you want to change viewing rights
  • Only YOU the STUDENT can update, change, or delete your guest accounts; no other University official can deal with your guest accounts

Important Information for Guest Users

There is a specific log in page for guest accounts. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOG IN USING THE NORMAL MyUI LOGIN BOX!

To log in as a guest, go to and select the link as shown in the illustration below:

How to login as guest

Passwords for guest accounts expire after 180 days. The UI student who created the guest account must update the password to make it work again. No other official or university employee can bring a guest account back online.

Academic Record Consent Form

The ability to view information in MyUI through a guest account does not constitute a waiver of FERPA (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) restrictions.

Guest users may not be allowed to discuss information viewed through a guest account with a University official without a waiver of FERPA confidentiality restrictions by the UI student who has set up your guest account via the "Academic Record Consent Form." The student must create a separate release for each individual to whom FERPA-protected information is to be released. The Academic Record Consent Form is the central, blanket form that must be used to waive FERPA restrictions globally in all instances and with all offices).

Please click here for more information on FERPA issues.