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Quick Guide

  • From the Main Menu, select Student Records > Change Address Form.
  • You can change your residing, home, parent/ guardian, and emergency contact addresses with this form
  • Changes to parent/guardian address will not change this particular address for applications related to Plus Loans (see below).
  • You can change your residing address and home address to a location in the USA or its territories, or to a foreign residing address by selecting from the drop down: foreign address.
  • You can use this application to indicate a series of address changes to take effect on different dates.


  • The effective date for changes of residing address is immediate or may be entered for no more than one year in advance.
  • Once entered, an address may not be deleted, only updated.

Residing Address

The "Current Residing Address" page lists the address you have provided the University for receipt of mailings from the University and for billing. If you wish to change your residing address as it appears on this page, you will need to select Student Records > Change Address Form. This information should reflect your current residing address.

If you live in one of the UI residence halls, a program is run at the end of spring semester and again after summer session which automatically removes your residence hall address from your current residing address and substitutes your home address for your current residing address. If you live in the residence halls, you should change your current residing address before you leave for the summer and review your addresses periodically to make sure that your current and home addresses are what you intend for them to be.

Home and Parent/Guardian Address (es)

You can use MyUI to change your home, primary parent/guardian, and secondary parent/guardian addresses. You cannot use this application to remove it. You must go to 2700 UCC to authorize the removal of a secondary parent/guardian name and address.

Emergency Contact

The Emergency Contact Info page allows you to enter a person that the University of Iowa can contact if an emergency occurs. You will be asked to provide what the relationship of the Emergency Contact is to you, their name, address, phone number and email. To enter this information you will need to go Student Records > Change Address and then select the Emergency Contact Info tab.

Other Important Information on Parent/Guardian Address (es)

If a parent or a guardian has taken out a Plus Loan, he or she will have his or her own current residing address in the university address system. Therefore, if a student changes a Parent/Guardian address, it will NOT update the address maintained in connection with the Plus Loan. The person who took out the Plus Loan must update his or her own address directly by stopping in to Student Financial Aid (2400 UCC), or by sending a signed FAX requesting the change: (319) 335 - 3060.

Adding or Removing Address and Phone Restrictions

You may use this application to restrict directory display of your address or phone number, or both. Directory display refers only to online and printed address and phone listings. It does not restrict directory information f rom officials within the University who are authorized to work with addresses.

You may also restrict or unrestrict your name from directory display through the MyUI application by going to Student Records > Restrict of Unrestrict Student Information.
Last Revised 12/4/2012