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At present, MyUI will show your grades for all sessions completed at The University of Iowa as well as most grades for courses which have been accepted by The University of Iowa from other institutions.

Grade Report Is Not a Transcript

The grade report is not the same as an official university transcript. To order an official transcript you may go to the transcript order page in MyUI. From here you can either order via the MyUI interface, National Student Clearinghouse or get more information about ordering via other means.

Interpreting Your Grade-Point Average

The box at the bottom of the screen is a grade-point summary for your entire period of enrollment. There are four distinct, interrelated portions of this information as illustrated below: Grade summary explanation

Your grade-point average (GPA) is based ONLY upon the number of hours of graded credit for which a numerical value is assigned -- in other words: A, B, C, D, or F. S and P grades ("satisfactory" and "pass") are not assigned numerical values, so they don't figure into your GPA, nor are S and P graded courses totaled in the UI or Transfer "Hours" columns.

The "Hours Earned" column shows ALL credit you have earned including graded credit, S and P credited hours, as well as credit by examination.

Undergraduate students should refer to their degree audit to determine the number of earned hours that apply to degree requirements.

How Did They Figure My GPA?

Your GPA is figured using this formula: sum of quality points ÷ GPA Hours = GPA

"Quality points" for a given course are determined by multiplying the assigned value of a course grade times the number of hours for which the course was taken. (Refer to "Grading" in the University Catalog for exact assigned values for all letter grades.) The assigned value of an "A" is 4.00, "B" is 3.00, "C" is 2.00, "D" is 1.00, and "F" is 0. The quality points for a 3 hour course with a grade of "A" would therefore yield 3 × 4.00 = 12.00 quality points, a "B" would be 9.00, a "C" would be 6.00, a "D" would be 3.00, and an "F" 0.

Did They Count All My Credits?

Students are sometimes confused if "UI Hours" or "Total Cum Hours" are different from "Earned Hours." "Earned Hours" includes the hours of "S" or "P" graded courses as well as hours for credit by examination. "Earned Hours" does not include courses taken with a grade of "F" since credit was not earned in those courses, nor would it include hours for a course below the 100 level taken by a graduate student. The following example illustrates:
Explanation of counting credits

Courses That Carry No Degree Credit

Note: Courses 010:009, 22M:001, 22M:002, and 22M:003 carry no degree credit. Students who take these courses, or courses equivalent to them at another college or university, may not count semester hours from these courses toward the minimum total of hours required for graduation.