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Information for All Registered Students

The links below provide information on registration and your rights and responsibilities as a registered student. Your decision to register for courses at The University of Iowa requires you to be familiar with the information and policies described in these linked documents. Awareness of this registration information and of the student handbook for your college is the responsibility of all students.

Information on Tuition and Fees, Academic (Significant) Deadline Dates, and Examination Schedules can be found on the Registrar's site.

Registration Information is filled with essential information pertinent to University of Iowa students. Relevant information about registration, grading, and other topics related to academic life at the University are included. Collegiate policies for the Colleges of Pharmacy, Public Health, and the Graduate College are a part of Registration Information. The links to the academic policies for the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering and Nursing are below. Students are expected to know the policies and procedures pertinent to the college in which they are enrolled.