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  A Sample Plan represents one way to complete a program of study. Actual course selection and sequence will vary and should be discussed with your academic advisor(s).

Clinical Investigation MS

Academic Career

0 s.h.
37 s.h. of graduate level coursework must be completed; graduate transfer credits allowed upon approval. More information is included in the General Catalog and on department website. a
A program GPA of at least 3.00 is required.

First Year

23 s.h.


11 s.h.
BIOS:4120 - Introduction to Biostatistics 3 s.h.
EPID:4400 - Epidemiology I: Principles 3 s.h.
EPID:5500 - Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology 3 s.h.
CPH:6100 - Essentials of Public Health 2 s.h.
CPH:7270 - Princ Scholarly Integrity: Public Health b 0 s.h.


12 s.h.
EPID:5241 - Statistical Methods in Epidemiology 4 s.h.
EPID:6400 - Epidemiology II: Advanced Methods 4 s.h.
EPID:5610 - Intermediate Epi Data Analysis SAS & R 3 s.h.
CPH:7270 - Princ Scholarly Integrity: Public Health b 1 s.h.

Second Year

14 s.h.


9 s.h.
Elective course c 3 s.h.
Elective course c 3 s.h.
Elective course c 3 s.h.


5 s.h.
Capstone Requirement d
EPID:6150 - Writing for Medical Journals 1 s.h.
EPID:6950 - Clinical Research Ethics 2 s.h.
EPID:6000 - Independent Study in Epidemiology e 2 s.h.
a Students must complete specific requirements in the University of Iowa Graduate College after program admission. Refer to the Graduate College website and the Manual of Rules and Regulations for more information.
b Taken in the fall and spring of first year for 0 s.h. and 1 s.h., respectively.
c A minimum of 9 s.h. of graduate level coursework is required with at least 6 s.h. in a research interest area; see General Catalog and website for coursework and specifics. Work with faculty advisor to select appropriate coursework and to determine sequence.
d While no final examination of courses will be taken, the evaluation of the student for graduation is based upon a positive review by the student's faculty mentor of 1) a mentored K or R grant, or 2) a mentored publishable paper.
e The Capstone Requirement is completed under the Independent Study mentorship; work with faculty advisor for approval.
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